Connecting the Learning World.

Xvoucher is a dynamic purchasing, distribution and management interchange – joining the moving parts of your learning programs, certification initiatives, compliance mandates, continuing education programs and more. Imagine connecting all your publishers, test centers, training companies, channel partners, associations,

elearning providers and enterprise systems.

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Program Managers

Xvoucher allows program managers to have the purchasing flexibility they have always wanted. Managers have immediate access to learning products from multiple suppliers while relieving them from the hassles of managing all of their individual vendor relationships. In addition, managers can distribute, manage and track all of their learning programs and candidates from one simple dashboard.

Certification Bodies

Xvoucher provides a solution for Certification Bodies that bridges the gap between LMS, sales, distribution, and management activities. Xvoucher gives complete data transparency over the entire supply chain to allow for better decision making, increased sales, the ability to enforce certification standards, and can become a centralized location to manage all financial reconciliation.


Xvoucher is a major distributor for certification bodies and can provide direct access to these companies. With Xvoucher, streamline your certification ordering and sales and consolidate your supplier management. Never waste time making inefficient phone calls and manually ordering vouchers again.


The Xvoucher technology framework helps suppliers and content providers collaborate with other companies and each other to create specialized offerings. Through Xvoucher, gain a direct line to other suppliers, content providers, certification bodies, government organizations, and academic customers so it’s easy to partner up to create programs that fully satisfy any customer’s need and increase revenue.